Shinsekai Into the Depths

What is "Shinsekai Into the Depths?"
"Shinsekai Into the Depths" is available exclusively on the new Apple Arcade subscription service. In this deep-sea action/exploration game, players will explore a unique and distinctive underwater world. The beautiful visuals and immersive audio will truly draw you into the depths. Subscribers can enjoy the game on multiple platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac.



The land has been covered with ice,
forcing mankind to take refuge in the ocean.
Years have passed, but the all-consuming ice moves slowly but steadily on,
and civilization has fallen into decay.

One lone survivor lives on in solitude.
Desolate days lead into aimless nights, and the aquanaut passes the time in rote repetition.
But one day, a chance encounter leads to the discovery of a mysterious drone-like machine.

That meeting will lead them both deeper into a vast undersea world.

"What happened to the world above?"
"Are there others out there?"
"What secrets lie at the bottom of the ocean?"

Venture deeper as you seek answer to these and other questions whose answers may lie down below.

The undersea world that awaits is both beautiful and terrible.
Encounter sea creatures, brave mounting water pressure, and conserve oxygen as you press on into the undersea ruins, seeking the truth.


Venture into unknown waters and encounter all manner of sea life.
Uncover the mysteries of an undersea world.

True to its undersea setting, this game offers a unique sense of underwater traversal not found in your average land-based action game.
Make your way through ruined civilizations and the obstacles they present as you search to find what lies beneath.
Make use of numerous abilities and items as you plunge ever deeper, exploring and excavating along the way.

What hidden truths lie in wait at the end of your aquatic adventure?

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